Kyle DeHovitz

Kyle DeHovitz


Carbon Health

Patient Experience, 2022


At Carbon Health, I worked with a small design team to build a connected primary care experience for patients to connect with Carbon providers – virtually or in-clinic.

I designed the logging experience for a patient to track and act on their health data, including integration with Carbon Health EMR and a first-party wearable. I also designed chronic condition management programs for asthma, mental health, and diabetes.

Systems + IA


Service Design

Hardware IxD

Mobile app

The mobile app enables our users to communicate with their provider outside of a typical visit. The app directly integrates with our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) so that a patient has access to their provider’s notes, care plan, prescriptions, and more.

What’s really exciting is the utility beyond appointment logistics. For example, a provider might suggest a patient enroll in the Metabolic Health Assessment to measure their risk for diabetes. We’ve designed an experience that enables a user to measure their blood glucose, log their meals, and discuss their results with their PCP.

My focus is creating an even greater set of tools for people to engage with their health. 

Carbon Health mobile app touchpoints

Bridging hardware and mobile app experience

Any project at Carbon will involve some combination of software, hardware, service, or interaction design. One of the more unique elements of my role is bridging our connected hardware with our mobile app. In some cases, even being involved in the industrial design.

Pressing a button on LogBand creates an entry in the mobile app

Contact me to learn more.

Much of my work is still covered by an NDA. Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more about my process, specifics about my role, or anything else.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.